Low EMF Sauna Technology

The Safest and Most Effective Saunas on the Market with Ultra Low EMF Technology

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Not only are our Solocarbon heaters the most effective infrared heater on the market, the are also the safest. Our proprietary heater design produces virtually NO EMF. Our exclusive manufacturing process allows us to cancel out EMF to levels that are virtually undetectable.

Our heaters have gone through comprehensive third-party testing to ensure safe levels of EMF. Electro Magnetic Fields are measured in milligauss (mG). Since there are no EMF safety standards set in the U.S., we have used the Swedish safety standard of 3 mG as the benchmark. When EMF levels are measured inside Sunlighten saunas around your seated position, EMF levels are virtually undetectable.

Please see the testing below performed by EMF testing lab VitaTech Electromagnetics. These EMF reading are measured directly on the heater (Diagram 1.0). Where you are seated in the sauna, the levels are virtually zero.
VitaTech Electgromagnetics, LLC
AC ELF EMF Testing – Sunlighten Sauna Panel Heater

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The EMF levels of Sunlighten heater panels were considered by VitaTech to be excellent with the component magnetic field levels measuring at 0.05mG or less on all axis.

The Truth About EMF & Infrared Saunas
Sunlighten saunas are safe – and always have been.

There has been a lot of buzz recently about EMF levels and infrared saunas. Despite extensive research over the past 20 years, two national research organizations (the National Research Council and the National Institute of Health) have looked at the studies and have concluded that there is not strong evidence supporting EMF exposures pose a health risk. Although the current scientific evidence provides no definitive answers regarding EMF, there is enough uncertainty that some people want to reduce their exposure to EMF.

Only Sunlighten infrared heaters have been tested by independent engineers who concluded that our proprietary heating technologies meet the most rigorous standards for safety, emissivity and power for infrared heater applications. This is one of the reasons why Sunlighten remains the #1 sauna brand recommended by health experts!

What is truly important when buying an infrared sauna – Safety and Effectiveness

When purchasing a sauna, your top two priorities should be safety and effectiveness. Solocarbon® heating technology is the foundation for all of our sauna products. It is the only heater on the market clinically shown to raise core temperature, lower blood pressure and aid in weight loss.

Solocarbon® panels contain a unique proprietary blend of materials that are 100% quality controlled by Sunlighten™. This means – unlike other saunas on the market – we can ensure the safety & effectiveness of each individual heater. Not only have our saunas been electrically certified to meet safety and performance standards, they have also been environmentally tested and approved for no off-gassing. Visit our website to view our safety certifications.

If you are purchasing a sauna for health benefits, the single most important element to consider is heater emissivity which determines how efficient infrared heat is conducted and emitted. If a sauna is not efficient at emitting infrared, you are not receiving the benefits! Generic carbon blend heaters are less than 85% effective. Solocarbon® heaters are 95-99% efficient at emitting infrared. When researching infrared saunas, always ask for emissivity data on the specific heater you are considering. This determines the quality and effectiveness of infrared heat.


Sunlighten contracted the services of Bruker Analytical Services to verify the emissivity of several heater materials. Emissivity is the ability of a material to absorb and release energy in the form of infrared heat. To best measure emissivity, we measured the reflection of energy off of a heater and subtracted that from 1 to calculate the emissivity.

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