Frequently Asked Questions

Are children allowed to use the sauna? What should I consider with this?

The core body temperature of children rises much faster than adults. This occurs due to a higher metabolic rate per body mass, limited circulatory adaptation to increased cardiac demands and the inability to regulate body temperature by sweating. When using your sauna with a child, operate at a lower temperature and for no more than 15 minutes at a time. A general rule of thumb is 1 minute inside your sauna per year of age for the child, but always accompanied by an adult. And remember to keep you and your children hydrated, even if you don’t see them sweating.

How do I go about selecting the right type of wood for my sauna?

Generally speaking, wood choice is about personal style and budget. The one exception to this is basswood, for those needing or wanting a 100% hypoallergenic option. Cedar is a popular wood option for those who enjoy the natural cedar aroma. Eucalyptus is a premium wood option only available for the mPulse Series. It is great not only for inside, but outdoors as well given its natural oils.

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Is it ok to use the sauna while breastfeeding?

Please consult with your physician, as this answer is usually yes, but may be no depending upon you specific circumstances.

How much electricity does a Sunlighten sauna typically use?

Based on the national average of 10 – 15 cents per kw/hr, assume you will use roughly 25 cents per hour long session. Of course, energy rates vary from state to state, but this should give you a good sense for just how cost effective our dry infrared saunas are.

What should I wear in the sauna? Can I go nude?

You can go nude if you would like, but be sure to put down Bamboo Carbon towels to absorb your sweat. Men typically wear workout or swim trunks; women typically wear workout shorts and a tank top or sports bra. Or, for the most effective and comfortable option, choose our specially-designed Bamboo Carbon Body Wrap, which provides just enough coverage to remain modest, but does not contain too much material. Going nude vs. wearing this body wrap will not alter the effectiveness of your sauna session.

What time of day should I use the sauna (am or pm)?

It is completely up to you and your lifestyle. There is no data showing more of a benefit in the morning or evening.

Can my sauna be placed on any floor surface?

Yes, this is a completely self-contained unit and absolutely no water is used so it can go on concrete, wood, laminate, vinyl, carpet, stone, etc.

How do I keep my sauna clean?

Infrared saunas are generally maintenance-free. We offer an All Natural Sauna Cleaning Kit to help you keep your sauna clean. Our Bamboo Carbon Towels are perfect for keeping your sweat off the bench, backrest and floor. Place your super-absorbent Bamboo Carbon towels in these 3 locations every time you sauna, and you won’t sweat stain the wood. If a stain were to occur over time, you can use fine grained sandpaper to buff out.

How long is a typical session? And how often can I take a session?

Most people partake in a 30-45 minute session, 3 -4 times a week, but it is safe to use every day and at whatever heat suits you best.

What health benefits are associated with infrared heat, and which have been proven and documented?

All of our health benefits have been either clinically shown on our heaters or are based on studies of infrared wavelengths that we precisely mimic in our heaters. Sunlighten saunas are proven up to 99% effective at emitting the highest quality and quantity of infrared heat required for delivery a full range of health benefits.

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What is EMF? Is it harmful to the body?

EMF (electric and magnetic fields) are waves of electric and magnetic energy radiating through space. High EMF levels are often associated with power lines.

EMF is everywhere in our homes and offices. The electrical appliances we use (an electric can opener at close range emits substantial EMFs), computers, monitors, keyboards and mice, wireless modems, cordless phones, clock radios, hair dryers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and more – all produce EMFs.

Although the current scientific evidence provides no definitive answers regarding EMF, there is enough uncertainty that some people want to reduce their exposure to EMF. For that reason, we have limited the levels of EMF from our heaters as much as possible.

If you are concerned at all about EMF, our Signature and Solo contain our Ultra Low EMF Solocarbon heaters. Our exclusive manufacturing process allows us to cancel out EMF to levels that are virtually undetectable.

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What is the difference between ceramic and carbon infrared technology?

Both technologies are ways to deliver infrared heat, but ceramic rods have now been surpassed by carbon panel technology thanks to the latter’s ability to produce a more consistent infrared output at lower temperatures given its surface area. Ceramic rods must be brought to excessively high heats, resulting in hot and cold spots throughout your sauna. All Sunlighten saunas use carbon-based technology, and in fact, are the only carbon-based heaters with clinical backing. Watch video to learn more.

Does infrared technology interfere with implants (metal, silicone, etc.)?

Metal pins, rods, artificial joints or any other surgical implants generally reflect infrared waves and thus are not heated by this system. Nevertheless, you should consult your physician prior to using an infrared sauna.

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What is A.R.T.?

A.R.T. stands for acoustic resonance therapy. This is available from SO Sound to deliver sound waves within your Sunlighten sauna to create a musical massage that harmonizes all systems of your body and induces the utmost in deep relaxation.

SO Sound – Learn More

How does Magne-Seal work and how is it better than other assembly methods?

Magne-Seal™ is a proprietary technology only allowed for use in our saunas. It is part of a quadruple reinforcement system to keep your sauna extremely sturdy, yet pliable to adapt with the wood’s expansion and contraction over time (due to its exposure to infrared heat, of course!). In addition to Magne-Seal’s magnetic locking system–which makes assembly a snap–your Sunlighten sauna is also secured with a base groove, halo roof and U-shaped clip for quadruple strength.

Will my Sunlighten sauna heat up the room in which it is placed?

No. Because Sunlighten saunas have double-wall re-enforcement, thicker wood than the industry standard and Magne-Seal assembly to create a better heat seal, when your sauna is on you will still not feel heat coming off the exterior walls.

Can my sauna be kept outside?

Yes, all you need to protect it and keep your warranty intact is one of our custom-fit water resistant outdoor covers.

How does Sunlighten provide peace of mind?

We closely control our entire manufacturing process. We subject our products to rigorous health and safety inspections, including third-party tests and certifications. Then we assign home office employees to oversee the complete manufacturing process, from sourcing safe and sustainable materials to making regular visits to our manufacturing facilities in Asia to ensure we are providing:

  • Quality, non-toxic materials
  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Low EMF technology
  • ETL certification

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Why should I choose Sunlighten?

Sunlighten is committed to delivering effective, innovative, and affordable wellness products for healthier living. We want to be the clear choice for anyone seeking greater wellness and vitality—and we work hard every day to make each of our customers feel hopeful, valued, and connected to the Sunlighten family.

We are not just a “me too” sauna company. The difference between us and others is that we control our entire design, testing and manufacturing process. We can provide true 3rd party documentation to back up the efficacy of our products. We have most effective far infrared sauna on the market with Solocarbon® technology – the ONLY far infrared technology clinically shown to lower blood pressure, increase core temperature and aid in weight loss. And we offer the only true full spectrum infrared technology available.

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