Signature I

Signature I Sauna Cabin

96 cm x 101 cm x 197 cm

8 heaters

Signature I

The use of the Sunlighten Signature I infrared sauna offers clinically proven health benefits. It reduces blood pressure, aids in detoxification, supports weight loss, and more – all of this can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Six emitters provide far infrared heat in the most effective quality and quantity thanks to our patented design, resulting in practically no electromagnetic radiation (EMF) in the sauna. Acoustic vibration therapy and light color therapy are also available as optional premium accessories.

View the Signature I in 3D

  1. Chromotherapy and sound system. Your sauna includes chromotherapy lighting that does more than change color; it works with various energy points to help rebalance your body and mind. Enjoy the quiet or turn on your favorite music and enjoy the built-in premium sound system.
  2. Best far infrared heaters. Immerse yourself in the highest quality and quantity of far infrared heat available with our perfected SoloCarbon heating technology.
  3. Simplicity and affordability. The simple push of a button begins your sauna session, simply and easily. With no bells and whistles or gadgets to fuss with, the Signature makes saunaing completely convenient. You can even set the timer to preheat. And Signature’s pricing makes it an affordable wellness tool for your home.
  4. A peaceful oasis. Transform a small space into a relaxing personal wellness oasis for one with the Signature I far infrared sauna. Inside your sauna, peace is palpable. You close the door and enjoy your own escape from the world for a while. An escape that gifts you with renewed energy and healing for your mind, body and spirit.
  5. Add-on sound therapy. You can unwind and de-stress even more in your sauna with a sound therapy add-on. This sonic technology combines the healing effects of sound and vibration therapy to relax your body and calm your mind. Sound-amplifying discs mounted under the bench utilize sound as a therapy modality.

Signature I Specifications


Width: 96 cm
Depth: 101 cm
Height: 197 cm


Basswood – 162 kg
Eucalyptus – 194 kg




Width: 82 cm
Depth: 85 cm
Height: 178 cm


240V – 1350W – 15A


Width: 164 cm
Depth: 51 cm
Height: 56 cm



360 degree sauna interior view

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Signature I

96 cm W
101 cm D

197 cm H
71,2 cm Door Width

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117 cm D

197 cm H
71,2 cm Door Width

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158 cm W
117 cm D

197 cm H
71,2 cm Door Width

Signature IV

205 cm W
142 cm D

197 cm H
71,2 cm Door Width

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